Property Buying Process

Buying a property can, even at the best of times, be a daunting and frustrating experience without the right advice. So before you start your search, use our Buyer's Guide to give you the knowledge and tools to take the first step to owning or investing in a property.

01Decide on Your Investment Strategy

Accurate Valuation

Your first decision will be to decide upon your investment strategy. Are you looking to buy to let? Or maybe buy for capital appreciation returns? Once you have made up your mind then you need to decide whether you want to buy an residential or comercial property.






02Decide Which Area Suits

There are many freehold areas to choose from but only you know what suits yours and your families needs. You may want to be close to your place of work or the kids school or perhaps friends or relatives. Our agents can advise you on areas you may be unfamiliar with and guide you every step of the way.






03Work Out Your Finances

One of the most important steps is to work out your finances, if you are a cash buyer this could mean that you can get yourself a better deal with an owner and give you the upper hand on negotiations. If you are buying with a mortgage how much can you afford on the downpayment and for monthly installments over the period of repayments.






04Choose An Agent

When you instruct Property Destiny as your agent when buying a home or commercial property rest assured your best interests are priority and we will work with you every step of the process to make it stress free with the end result you want. Take a look what our past clients had to say about us on our testimonials page as a reference to our work ethics.






05Arrange Your Viewings


To maximise viewing opportunities be sure to contact your designated Property Destiny consultant so that they can arrange as many viewings as possible with the owners and landlords. This means that on any particular morning, afternoon or evening we can fit in as many viewings as possible to give you a real choice of what is available and the different locations that you are considering.





06Making An Offer

Receiving an Offer

Part of our service is to advise you on making an offer on a property, sometimes the timing can be crucial and has to be made at the right time and can be the difference in either securing the property on your wish list or losing out to another buyer. There are also situation when we are aware of an owner or landlord who needs to sell quickly and therefore we can get you a great deal.





07Agreeing To Buy

Agreeing to Sell

Once you have decided on your property of choice and once your offer is accepted we will then prepare a sale and purchase agreement and write to all parties to confirm the agreed price and confirm your solicitor's details for us to liaise with them should we have any questions.

We can also proceed with the conveyancing process and your mortgage application if you are buying on finance.





08Signing the Agreement

As with all steps in the buying process it is part of our service here at Property Destiny that we prepare a draft sales and purchase agreement that we then give a copy to your solicitor so that they can also act in your best interest. You can go through the draft agreement and after you are ok with it, we prepare the final sales and purchase agreement.






09                                                                                                                                                                                        Property Destiny Conveyance

Maximum Exposure

As part of our conveyancing process at Property Destinyn we will raise any queries on receipt of the draft contract from the seller and agree on a date for exchange of contracts and transfer.

We will assist you and negotiate throughout the process, keeping you informed every step of the way.






10Transfer of Ownership Title

Transfer of Ownership Title

The last and final stage of the buying process is the transfer of ownership and title from the seller to the buyer this is usually done at the registration office of the particular locality. There is usually a transfer fee involved and this can vary from developer to developer and is fixed for co-operative housing societes, consult your Property Destiny designated agent for more information on this.


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