Property Evaluation and Negotiation Service

When you've found the property you want to buy and aren't sure what to do next. You don't want to miss out but you don't want to appear too keen and pay too much. You're not sure if what the agent is saying is fact or fiction…

These are common thoughts that run through the mind of a purchaser once they have set their sights on a particular property. By engaging Property Destiny you can increase your chances of securing this property at the right price.

On the other hand, you can also reduce your chances of going ahead with a property that could turn out to be a costly mistake.

Often buyers are unsure of what to do next once they have found a property that they would like to buy. Our Individual Property Evaluation and Negotiation Service gives our clients a competitive edge and the confidence that they are buying the right property for the best possible price.

As well as the obvious time savings, you get the benefit of our experience, market knowledge and negotiation skills, combined with a coordinated buying strategy.


This service is broken down into two stages;

STAGE 1 – EVALUATION – We will quickly:

  • Communicate with the selling agent and seek to attain as much “inside information” as possible regarding vendor motivation, competitive activity, etc inspect and evaluate the property

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis on pricing in light of current market conditions

  • Advise on pricing and develop a purchase strategy

STAGE 2 – NEGOTIATION – If you would like to proceed with the property after receiving the above information, we will:

  • Coordinate building inspections and conveyancing as necessary

  • Provide guidance in how to apply the information gleaned during the due diligence phase

  • Adjust the strategy if necessary and give advice on how best to deal with competitive situations

  • Negotiate the purchase on your behalf.

Once you identify a property that you would like to buy, we will provide you with a fixed quote, based on the property you've chosen, the timeframe and other individual circumstances, before you engage us. Our fee is 2% of the purchase/sale price.

We recommend that you call us as early as possible in the process in order to maximise our ability to influence the outcome in your favour.


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